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Hello. My thoughts, and why I believe in no god, and no souls.

godsfake ( 03/11/2005, 00:27:50 )

Hello. I am new to this site, and wish to share my beliefs with those whom wish to hear.To start, I am age 15, male, nonbeliever in religion, and a critical thinker.For many years I believed in catholicism, but then I guess you could say it came to me over time how false of it really is.As I learned more about science and became more knowledgeable, I started to question things in the Bible. At this point, I do actually believe the quote in the bible that "we came from dirt, and to dirt we will go back to."Our atomic particles came from so many other things, and to other things they will go again. My thought is that we ALL are the same. We are, as humans, just electrical particles flowing inside strategically placed atoms that function as a machine.The only thing that makes YOU and ME different is the fact that you inhabit a body with a different genetic code. Since genetics, and environments determine our personalities, then setting aside all of that, we all are the same. Our "souls" are what we call our personalities.Thus, when I die, my electricity will join up with all other electrical particles and in a sense we all will be ONE. We have no thoughts, we have no feelings, we have no emotions, nothing. We are just electricity flowing in a machine (the human body). In this way, the thought of reincarnation is real in a sense.I will one day inhabit another life, and prior to my current one I inhabited another. Since the universe is neverending, and time is neverending, and has and always will be around (since matter can neither be created nor destoryed), then in a sense I have FOREVER for everything.1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 to the infinite power number of years might pass between THIS life, and my NEXT life. My NEXT life could be on a whole new planet, trillions of trillions to the trillionth power light years away from "Earth".In fact, this other planet could be called "Earth" and even have the same history. I mean, think about it. If space goes on forever and ever, then if I point my finger at a certain place in the sky, there are an INFINITE number of planets I am pointing at, in that direction, throughout all of space. So, out of that INFINITE, there is a 100% chance that there IS an INFINITE number of planets that resemble Earth, and an INFINITE number that are IDENTICAL to earth, with some minor differences (since no two things can be 100% identical, and no two things can be 0% the same). An Infinite number of those many Earths has me typing this message right now, and out of all of them there are so very many in which the ONLY difference noted between IT, and THIS EARTH could be a single atom out of place.So, back to electricity flowing. Electrons throughout space will become a part of every human being (since we all are made up of electricity). WE ALL are one, we all came from one, and to one we all will return. Whether THIS electron inhabits THAT body, or THIS body, is irrelevant. WE FEEL different due to our personalities and environments. So, to the christian that believes in an afterlife: THERE IS NONE. WHEN I DIE, it is not me dying, it is my body dying, and my electricity will make itself present in other things, to one day go in a human being again, or another animal, or anything.So, that is just a few things to think about. As for my stance on cloning, I am of course all for it. It is just a body. There is nothing that comes after its life is over. If we don't bring it into this world, it will just make itself present in a different one.I suppose some people might ask me, "How can you live day to day, all happy and peaceful, even though you believe there is nothing after we die, and that we are just complex machines without souls?"My response would be, "I live life just to live it. If I can make a difference in THIS life, in regard to science and technologies, than I can make it more enjoyable for the next person. Because I am confined within this body and even if I do die, I will be oblivious to the life I left, and will just come into another life, then it is pointless to want death."We live in a delicate universe (actually multiverse if you believe in infinite universes, which I was trying to imply to the noneducated people in my prior statements) that is continuously filled with the only thing that is a constant.That is, quite truthfully, CHANGE.

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