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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Should the Pope Have Considered Human Cloning To Save His Life?

JJ. OConroy ( 05/13/2005, 05:13:53 )

This is one topic I'm not sure I want to get into at all but, I think I'd like to add something for seriouse consideration (again, please excuse the spelling).Given what we know today of the Utter Insane, Horror, Nighmare, of a HELL these Devils inflected on so many, still the greatest atrosity of recent recorded history, I really do not think the Word Nazi, should be thrown around TOO Flipently. I myself have made that mistake on occaision.And, this is not the first time I've heard this mentioned about this new pope. I'm certainly not trying to defend certain positions of the Catholic Church by any means, or the pope himself for that matter, just trying to state the fact that to label somone a Nazi is an EXTREMELY Seriouse Acusation, and one that should be backed up with proof.This man was still nearly a child himself, in an Utterly INSANE Period in history. We need to remember that if one did not go along with the Nazi's that person was treated prety much as bad has those they where persicuteing. You could be tortured, you could be put to death, and not always by the most humane means, either. How many YOUTH Today, would behave any BETTER?We are all so quick to be judgemental, and detatched today, easy to be so, long after the fact but, ALL of us need to ask ourselves this question, when contimplateing that period in our recent history;"What would {{I}} have don, in the same or similar position?"And anwer that question honestly. I don't think most of us would have behaved much better.Also, keep in mind how long it took for the rest of the world to respond to this, and after it was all over, look at how many nations closed their doors to Jewish Refugees, the ones needing the help the most where, the very ones the world, once again shuned. While at the very same time, secretly, opening their doors to Nazi War Crimals. How many butchers are alaive today, liveing well and happy, because of this Misguided Hospitality of many nations. Hiding, and takeing their Horrifying Secrest to their graves with them.No my dear people. When it comes to the Nazi War Years, there is MORE than enough blame, to go around, for ALL to share.Just something for consideration.Also, condering cloning, we deed to keep in mind, just as a John Paul 2's life can be extented, or maybe brought back, so too can a Hitler's. THAT'S the Downside of Cloning but, one we must accept if, we intend to go down this road. Much Love, John.

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