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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: "Raelians"???

JJ. OConroy ( 05/16/2005, 15:17:32 )

Hi JC:You seem to be about the only one who wants to relpy to my post on a regular basis.Listen My Brother, you did not upset me by your remarks, all I'm hopeing to do is to make sure people don't respond to things out of Fear and Paranoia, that's all. Because, when you operate out of that state of mind, it is very hard to come to clear conclusions on anything, actually.I'm haveing to respond to your e-mail over the board as, has I've said, my e-mail servers currently are not working dew to whatever is going on with my computer. Trying to get motivated to get out and get my computer cleared, an $80.00 expence that I really cannot affort but, one that seems unavoidable now.I guess I really cannot defiend the Raelians TOO much JC as, I'm still finding out about them myself.I am very sorry you where treated that way by them. They preach INDIVIDUALISM so, I'm not sure why they would turn someone away, simply for not agreeing to the Philosophy, right to the letter. In my mind, that is neither, SPIRITUAL, ENLIGHTENED, FAIR, or even DEMOCRATIC for that matter.This comes on top of an article I came across last night from a Gentlemen from Austraila who once went to one of their Festivals, he enjoyed himself but, there where things that did not completely set right with him. He personally found Rael to be a Complete Fake, and on top of that, claims to have met a man who wrote this book, of which Rael PLAGURIZED (I hope you can pronounce that OK) ALL his Ideas from.I have some questions of my own, I have already e-mailed the Raelian Head Office in Switzerland, and they have yet to reply to me. I will try a few more times, and if after a few months, I do not get satisfactory responces, I will be almost certain that something is up.We both know JC that when people behave this way, it usually mean they have something to hide, dosen't it?In regards to the Young Gentilemen you met a few years ago. I have to say JC that I am not aware of any such people in Canada, if they exist, they have yet to make the News, at any rate. It has been a Concern and Suspection of mine for quite some time now that MAYBE, just MAYBE, your government has been SECRETELY, carrying on Gentic Experiencements on people for quite a while. Where they get the sorry victums from, whether they comly willingly or not, I don't know but, I have to seriousely wonder if the two young men you met, may not have been the result of such experimentation.There is just so much going on in our world that make absolutely no sense at all, and things that DEMAND Answers. I hope the Governments of this World come clean soon, and give the General Puplic the ANSWERS they so RIGHTLY deserve.Finely JC. Should the Whole Raelian Movement prove fake, I'm still interested in recruteing people for my OWN International Organization of Global Light & Enlightenment. Should you be around when I indevour to get this off the ground, people such as yourself would be MOST Welcomed, indeed.Peace My Brother, I'll be Contacting You Soon. P.S. To everyone else who may read this post, I still say that you should realy check things out OURSELVES {{BEFORE}} you react out of Fear and Paranoia to something. This is only fair, and reasonable. Don't jump in blindly, no one is saying that but, don't be UNDULELY Weary, or Paranoid either. OK? All My Best, John.

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