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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: "Raelians"???

JJ. OConroy ( 05/14/2005, 16:36:10 )

Hay JC!!Good Afternoon my DEAR, DEAR, Brother.Seeing has we seem to be very much on a similar spiritual wave length, I feel as though I can consider you brother in a deeper way than I consider everyone Brother and Sister, anyway. I am finding it so very difficult to find people in my neck of the woods that I can relate to properly, concerning all these things. Most people around here are pretty conservative, and somewhat small minded concerning these things too. Ironic, I have to look more than half a contentent away in order to find someone to connect with.MAN, the World Wide Web is a FANTASTIC Thing!!It's been pretty wet in my neck of the woods for the past couple weeks, although, it is no trouble to see that spring is in the air now. I love spring and fall, falls here are particularly nice.At any rate; How are you my brother?I have not e-mailed you recently has, I have been haveing problems with my computer for a while now, and unfortunately it has now effected my e-mails servers as well, in that I am now, not able to send e-mail letters. I have been concerned that you might think that you may have said something wrong but, nothing could be further from the case. I am very glad that I have now hooked up with you, and once I get my computer straightened out, I look forward to continueing our discussion, and responding to your material.Also My Friend, I would be very interested in have you visit Newfoundland, Canada, where I'm from. I'd love to meet you in person, sometime, and be able to take some time to share our ideas and viewpoints a little further, and, should you have the fianaces to permit you to do it, we could site see the island a bet.It is not hard to be connected to nature here as, it surronds me everywhere. This province remains almost completely untouched sinse the days of John Cabot. Almost completely prestine.Has you are aware, for the past two weeks I have been researching the Raelian Movement, initially to seek help for my situation but now, I'm also getting into their overall philosophy, as well. Personally, I see no reason why anyone should fear, or be weary of this movement. I am presently trying to connect with someone highter up in the Organization, in order to find out how I can help them along, and thus, further my OWN Career, in the process.One of the Key Things they teach is that Humanity, and Life on Earth was INDEED Geniticly Designed from Higher Intellent Life from somewhere in outter space. And indeed, the Founder of the Movement, claims to have actually MET Man Creators, or Designers, or what have you. Maybe, maybe not. I don't intend to be TOO Gulible. This is a primis that is gaining much plausability in recent decades, and one that I am most certainly open to. It is important to point out though, the Realians do not claim that these being Created Earth Itself. Merely, all life that exist on it. Personally, should these beings exist, and I'm certainly open to the possibility, they TOO are Created Beings, someone Created, or Designed Them, who may have in turn been Created, or Designed by someone else, and so on, until we come to Spirit Beings, beginning the process, and Altimatly, the Almighty HIM/HERSELF that Began it ALL.Now, this is not WHOLELY {{UNSCIENTIFIC}}. I feel fairly confident that certain scientific methods could possibily back up this theory.Actually JC, time and the nature of this forum will not permit me to get into all the reasons why I continue to belive that a Soverigen, Supreme Being, exist. It goes back to the earliest days of my childhood, and is kind of long to go into. Maybe I'll send an e-mail sometime, to go into it more. I will say that I've been greatly enlightened on the subject by the writings of the URANTIA BOOK, currently, MY Bible.Also (and I'm not sucking up, or pulling your leg here) Native Spirituality has always intreagued me for a similar reason. Even though most Native Tribes believe in Spirits, and some type of Spirit Realm, they also believe that there is a Supreme or GREAT Spirit over it all. Very much like Christian Teachings, and evidenced long before Europians arrived here. Now, the Mormans have an answer for that but, I won't go into that right now. And also JC, I have the Utmost Respect, and Reverence for the way that Native Peoples Spiritualize the Earth, Mother Earth who sustains, and gives life to us all. I wish to goodness that White People would adopt MORE of that Ideaoligy. I believe that that is HIGHTLY Christian, in that even from the Christian Perspective we are CHARGED, INTRUSTED, to be the STUARTS, and CARETAKERS of Mother Earth. We certainly do a pathitic, piss poor jobe of it, don't we?I support tecnoligies that BENNIFIT, and ADVANCE Humanity, and BETTER Inable us to be PROPER Caretakers of Mother Earth. If, Cloning, and technoligies of a Similar Nature can do that, why WOULDN'T I support it.We certainly do not advance by being CONSERVATIVE, and DOGMATIC, do we? Something that Fundamentialist of ALL trpes are, TOTALLY About. And, that this not mean for one, single, solitery moment that ANY of these Technoligies cannot Progress, Advance, RESPONCIBILY. Does it?Much Love & Respect, Brother, Look Forward to Hearing From You Soon, John. Day Star One. (My New Handle With the Raelians), I hope you like it.

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