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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: "Raelians"???

1000yrsfromnow ( 05/14/2005, 11:59:16 )

jj, you have a awesome heart and mind right up there with erin and i and several others here. so right you are about the huiman condition and pre-programmed ignorance, sure there's a lot of hokas pokas out there, and even if jesus was to make another appearance or return to here, he would be attacked by the ignorance of the powers that be. even extraterrestrials would be attacked by the government contriolled military, humans destroy what they can't or don't want to comprehend, just look at our planet today, being depleted of it's natural resources, what happens when all the fossil oil is used up? what happens when our rivers streams and oceans become so polluted everything dies? or when the air becoimes so stagnant with car exhaust factory emmisions? when most plant life is gone? i think humankind best start turning things around instead of creating weapons of mass destruction as ways to reduce population, we need to worry more about remaining in existance, extinction is forever, never to return. peace to ya, j.c.

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