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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: "Raelians"???

JJ. OConroy ( 05/13/2005, 20:26:06 )

Please do not buy into the Religious PARANOIA & PROPAGANA (FEAR MONERING TOO, Something the Christian Right Wing is so good at) of this last post.Has stated earlier, in my ongoing research concerning cloning, I have, and am continueing to check out the Raelian Movement. If one remains open minded, and open in general. These people have a lot of very good and enlightened, ideas.It sickens me so much that we FEAR that which is NEW, and little understood. Christian Fundamentalist are some of the very best at this. They are MOVIVATED by Blind Fear themselves, and they want to shove that same, Blind Fear on everyone else.So far, I have found nothing to be LEGITIMITLY Afraid of, concerning this Movement. Outside of the Alian Thing, which MAY or MAY NOT be true, nearly everything else they teach and share, make very good logical sense.Don't condemn that which you DON'T KNOW until you've FOUND OUT, {{FIRST}}. Where is the Christianity in DEFAMEING what you don't even PROPERLY Understand. Man, Hipocrits! Can there be any greater hipocrits than these people.Make no mistake if, SANE Secular Society did not have SANE, SINSIBLE, {{HUMANE}} Laws against it. The Christian Right Wing, in their FANATIC Attempts to CONTROLE by FEAR, would still be burning people today. Raelians, and people of their sort, FREE INDEPENDENT THINKERS, would be some of the FIST, Barbicued. Which means, someone like myself would rank quite high, too.If you are curious about the Raelian Movement CHECK IT OUT {{YOURSELVES!}} OK? And don't buy into any of the garbage that BIAS Individuals, and Groups are writing about them. A lot of it is lies, most of is is just twisting, or exagerating what is REALLY Happening.No one is saying to follow them BLINDLY, just check it out for yourselves. That's all. Respectfully, Warmly, John.

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