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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Cloning

SC ( 05/20/2005, 15:49:34 )

If it were true that Dolly died early because she had shortened telomeres, that would have been good news in a sense, because that problem wasn't very difficult to fix. The story about Dolly's shortened telomeres was actually a marketing ploy; the company that released the news was also trying to sell a means of lengthening telomeres at the same time. Cloned cattle were born not too long afterward with longer than normal telomeres, by using cells at a slightly different stage of development. However, I haven't heard any solid reports of animals with longer telomeres living longer lives.What I don't understand is how people can come to this site and repeatedly ask the same questions that were asked and answered several years ago. Would you complain about the speed of a 1997 computer and assume that nothing better had become available since?

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