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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Disperately Need Help. WANT CHILD.

JJ. OConroy ( 05/15/2005, 22:15:47 )

Please excuse my spelling.Listen My Darling:I am haveing a great deal of trouble getting anybody to believe, to understand, or even care that I am trying to begin a Great Work in this World, anybody that decides to be my Life Mate, whether Male or Female MUST Understand that, and be willing to help. Beyond that, they MUST have a STRONG DESIRE to do a Great Lifes Work, themselves. In the ideal situation, we would HELP AND SUPPORT, each other.So far, I seem TOO Deep, and TOO Intence for MOST People, at least that is what I've found around me, so far. Maybe, I'm liveing in the WRONG Place. I don't know.I realize that the Decent Thing for me to do is to find someone my OWN Age but, it is my understanding that it is RISKY for Women past 40 to have children. The older they get, the more complications develope. So, even though it is distasteful so some, should my Life Mate be female, she will have to be much younger than myself, simply to reduse the RISK to her.I am naturally, more into Men but, I feel quite confident that I could GREATLY LOVE the Right Kind of Lady. That lady would have to posses Great Patience, and Great Understanding.In a largely Selfish, Self Centered World, this is very hard to find. Once I have commeted to someone, I AM Loyal. I have already PROVED that to myself in the ONLY Relationship I've been in. My partener has since passed on.I want to be very careful in the NEXT Relationship I get into.Also, I believe I've stated before that I AM Considering Aboption but, it is easer said than don when, you are a Poor, Single, Bisexual, Male. It seems that Governments (and it is not much different here in Canada as the U.S.) do not deem LOVE has being satisfactory enough. So, what does one do.There is much more to all this, I'm revealing MORE now, than maybe I should.This is my SECOND Offer Now, it is VERY Heart Warmimg, I SINCERELY Thank You, and wish for people to SERIOUSELY Think About the Offer they are makeing BEFORE they make it.Please, it would be EXTREMELY Crual for anybody to make a Big Joke out of this. I don't belive that is what you are doing.Please e-mail again, and we'll try to get to know each other better.In the SHORT Term, cloning seems to be my BEST Option. But, naturally I would want to provide brothers and sisters for my son, if at all possible, whether though Adoption, or Natural Birth. Take Care. Much Love, John.

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