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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Disperately Need Help. WANT CHILD.

JJ. OConroy ( 05/13/2005, 19:24:39 )

Thank you for your kind words guys!! I have not checked this post for a while now, and those sentiments are indeed hartwarming and incourageing.I would by no means be a SAINT, what parent is but, my child would be greatly appreiated, and much loved, I assure you. I would already have an adoptive child, if only it were easier for Single, {{BI}}Men, to adopt.Straight Married People, just don't understand, and because they are not going through it themselves, I guess they just dont care. And as far as youth go, well, in this day and age where, SO MUCH information is so REDILY available to you, you really should be thinking for yourselves, and not be INDOCTINATED by what family and friends say.When it comes to Human Sexuality, nearly ALL the experts in the feild agree that it is INFINATELY More Complex than religionist claim. Why? Because Human Beings in general are INFINATELY Complex. Should God actually exist (and I belive he/she does) why would god make its CHEAF Creation, a dry boreing TWO DEMINIONAL Thing? Right?Not much CREATIVITY there on God's Part, should that be true.Also, we cannot continue to copare ourselves to the other liveing things on this planet as, the religionist do because, there just ISEN'T any comparison. Vertually every other creature on this planet pro-creates through INSTINC, not attraction. There is NO thought but into it, and if you have ever looked at a Science & Nature Program, anything BUT Romantic. Some of it looks Highly Rediculis. Check it out sometime, and look closely.So, once again, as with so many issues in life, this one too, is far more complicated than meets the eye. Again, THANK YOU.Very Warmly, John.

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