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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

The Invisible War

SC ( 05/24/2005, 18:27:34 )

The world's death rate was estimated at 8.86 deaths per thousand population in 2004. Assuming a population of six billion, that works out to a little over 53 million deaths per year, roughly the same as the total death toll of World War II.How will future generations, or even we ourselves, view the people who lived from 1997 to 2004? After the means to reverse aging and cure degenerative diseases are found, how will people look back on this time in history? How will we explain why people who saw that it had become possible to defeat aging spent seven years trying to make life illegal, and then allowed life-saving research to proceed only at a snail's pace?It's easy to look back and condemn people who, a few decades ago, stood back and did nothing while mass murderers were allowed to stay in power. The difficult thing is to avoid doing the same all over again, or to stop the denial and take action to put a stop to the inhumanity.The cumulative cost of our inaction is about 400 million deaths and rising. We've long since lost the right to talk about the Nazis as the worst mass murderers in history.

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