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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

bright lights for bright ideas.... or something

teenagemillionaire420 ( 05/27/2005, 11:28:23 )

[let me share with u] Cloning is just making a copy. If you want to clone an army, you first need one perfect soldier. I don't know how you get that, do you? I'm sure dictators throughout history would like to know that secret. If you clone a normal person, they you get multiple copies of normal people. We have that in our armies now. Take you for instance. Are you perfectly obedient to power? Would you make a willing slave to government machine? If you as an individual would not, then neither would your identical twin. 'Cause he would be identical to you in personality, right?There are 60 million natural identical twins in the world now. They hold identical twin conventions all the time. There is no evidence that people who are twined are any more controlable or violent or obedient or anything than singletons. Cloning is a duplication process not a personality reengineerng process.No one at this point in time certainly, knows how to make self-sacrificing, all obedient soldier willing to unquestioningly follow orders. Will maybe the Moslems do. Are the sucide terrorists of Islam syncophants of a ideology? Gee, if that's the case you can make one of those now. Culture and ideology can mold certain people into giving up their lives to a master. You don't need to spend $100,000 per troop on cloning. (Nor wait 20 years for your army to reach adulthood.)Face it we have robots now. You can program a heat-seeking missile to follow its target. You can destroy facilities by butoon pushing. A cloned army makes no practical sense, except on the movie screen.And if you aren't serious in your ideas then don't post them. Don't complain because people answer them. If you feel foolish then don't post foolish ideas.

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