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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Outlaw Political-Moral Systems! Worship the universe for its knowledge!

madmerv ( 07/20/2005, 14:40:43 )

Outlaw Political-Moral Systems! This was the purpose of the original founding principals on which the United States was founded! Ask your congressman to quit his job and join the revolution! Release the cloning ban! Fight for your rights as an organism! Spread the love of life! Legalize immortality research! Vote NO on government sanctions on religious and moral ethics! Vote YES on alternatives to Westernized medicine! If all else fails, move to Canada, North Korea or China and ask that you be included in research related to cloning, immortality, body replace therapy and help end world hunger with specialized biological-chemical factories! We _CAN_ live forever in a world that is non-violent as long as we seek the knowledge held in the Universe! Do not be dissuaded by group brainwashing techniques, nor allow yourself to participate in organizations of indoctrination! Do not let moral extremists run this planet! We will surely perish if we do not make attempts to combat ignorance! Spread the word that you believe in no God but the Universe itself! Do not give money to any church or organization that is not wholly interested in preserving human life! Contact Media organizations and let them know that they are lead by the initial mistake of "civilization" - fiscal wealth and property! Outlaw greed!

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