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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

do i have da crappyest life eva???

xXxlannyxXx ( 05/25/2005, 06:34:06 )

wel bi think i av da crappyest life eva b cz ma mum n dad av split up n im having 2 leave all ma m8s n move far away while ma dad stays with ma grandad who has cancer! im only 15 n i have lost my virginity wen i wer 13 n bn having sex since which all ma m8s call me behind ma bac!! ma sista is 16 n she is pregnant! n b cz she wil need help with it i wil b spending most my life bringin it up!! so soon i am going to have no social life!! in 2003 i wer with dis lad who i wer with 4 ages!! n e moved 2 new zealand! we stil keep in touch but e as a new girlfriend who he has been wid 4 2 years now!! :( n im tryna find da ryt lad but cnt cz evry lad i have bn wid since has messed me about!! so now i have no friends family or any1 2 love which is pretty crap! so i fink my life is da crappyest life eva! n now im alwayz depressed n i cnt turn 2 no 1 to tlk to!! so wil sum1 plz try n sort my head out!!!! plz!! luv lanny xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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