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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

An opposing view...

AArooon1 ( 06/01/2005, 20:50:46 )

When I read through these forums I find that many people are turning against christians for their (negative)beliefs on the issue of human cloning. We are called judgemental and hypocritical, this is not true. As followers of God we are called to love our fellow man as we would our family and if our family member were going the wrong direction(abusive, addiction to drugs, alcohol, etc..), would we not point it out and try to help them? In my opinion it would be wrong not to. It is not from hate that say these things, but from love. As for those supposed "christians" who say that certain people are going to hell for their beliefs, they should know that God is the only judge and to take his place is to try to be God and He (or She) never responds to that in a positive way. As for the actual human cloning debate, many christians feel that there is severe danger in pursuing this area of science. Our brain is the most complex computer on earth and much is not known about how it works. While we have mapped out which areas of the brain recieve what stimuli (5 senses, memory, sexual, etc.) we have not pin-pointed where thought comes from. Christians believe this is the soul, and the brain is the link between the spirtual and the physical. It is feared that if man creates life unnaturally (no vitro isn't really unnatural it does the same thing people do, just out of the womb) that a soul will not be given, because when man crosses that line they will be playing God. A human creature being born without a soul has happened before... in biblical times when the Egyptian Occult was at its height, the creature was called a gollem ( inspiration for the Tolkien creature!) and could be fully inhabited by pure evil. Different religions have diffrent names for them, the New Age call them spirit guides, the Spirtists call them ghosts, christians call them demons. They are fallen angels who's sole purpose is to steal humans from God in an attempt to defeat Him. In the world it is possible for these evil beings to possess humans if they allow them to. In these cases they can be rejected and cast out, however a human with no soul has no will (or thought for that matter) to reject these fallen angels and can be absolutely fully possessed and can therefore be brought into the physical world. The gollem could kill at pleasure, corrupt as he or she pleased and bring destruction to the world. I weep for those who have had to bury a child and cannot pass on their family's bloodline, the diseased who will be in pain for all of their short lives or for the person who will never walk until they die, I say until they die because I firmly believe that there is life after death and that parents who have lost their children will be reunited with them, that the lame will walk again, and that the diseased will be given new bodies. This message is intended to warn, not to damn, and to give hope to those who are lost in grief. This hope is through Jesus Christ who is the only One who can give life, through his suffering on the cross. I am compassionate for those who have lost, but try to remember that death is just the beginning.

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