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Who were the daughters of men?

libfemme ( 05/29/2004, 04:37:22 )

Ok, controversy #2.Who are the daughters of men? This has bothered me since bible school, umpteen years ago.In Genesis 6:2 before the flood the Bible says"..that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose." Now who are these people? Is not Adam and his descendents the sons of God? So who are these daughters of "men"?My still-trying-to-reconcile-evolution-with-creationism theory is this:The "sons of God" refer to us, modern man,i.e. Homo sapiens. Also known as cromagnon man; the first humans intelligent enough to bury their dead with ceremony, paint images on cave walls and conceive of religion and God. Adam represents when the first of our species came into being and the first man to talk to and conceived of a god.While the "daughters of men", were in fact another closely related but separate species: Homo neanderthalensis. Neanderthals lived in the same areas and at the same time as cromagnon man but neanderthals are now extinct. Unlike cromagnon man, neanderthals left no evidence that they had a "culture". That is they did not paint images, sculpt clay nor they did not bury their dead with any goods, beads, or laid out as if sleeping. In other words they seemed to simply to have tossed the bones away. Is this because they did not, could not conceive of a spirit, an afterlife, a god?Scientists still speculate about what happened to the neanderthals. Did they die out? Where they unable to compete with the cromagnon's for resources? Or did they intermarry with cromagnon and hence become absorbed by them, if so their genes are in represented in ours today? Scientists don't know yet.And while we're at it, who did Cain, Able and Seth marry? If Adam and Eve were the first, and only human couple then the other women around would have been their blood sisters. Which, of course, implies God permitted, even arranged incest. Or they took wives from an existing, lower order of humans who had not been "made in God's image", that is they were biologically able to interbreed with modern humans, but they themselves had no more sense of spirit or soul than a chimpanzee has today.What is my proof for this? None whatsoever, but hey that's my creative theory to add to the mix here. Tear it apart at will.

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