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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

I am in awe of your intelligence ;)

david ( 06/06/2005, 08:29:40 )

I think you have over-thought this way too much.You talk about being First World or Third World, down-trodden or comfortably rich, highly-educated, well-bred or whatever as if that mattered. They don't. You talk as if adversity is largely dependent on where you are or who you are. It is not. Adversity is everywhere and affects everyone. It doesn't matter where you are, really. And if you truly think you live in a world where you can avoid pain and suffering, as you suggest, then you are deluding yourself.Yes, there is adversity on a grand scale, but that is not the only kind of adversity. Adversity is a man losing his job, a teenager undergoing peer pressure, a woman getting old but not getting married. Adversity is a free-clinic volunteer who inexplicably gets HIV. Adversity is a scholar who wins that life-defining award, but realizes afterward that there's no one to share it with.Adversity makes us re-think our values and our life decisions. We shape ourselves according to what adversity has taught us. "That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger," said Nietzche. ("Kill" can take a moral context here.) Oftentimes, adversity is what leads people to God. In times of adversity, true Christians are able to find comfort because they believe in God. But even non-Christians can find comfort WHEN they open their hearts to God. Adversity teaches Christians that there is so much more to life than that great job, unwanted pregnancy or spinsterhood. Of course, you disagree and would prefer to discuss this on an intellectual level. But it is a spiritual matter that cannot be discussed like that, and I need you to respect that. In your closing, you say you don't think I believe in what I say, that I am only "repeating because they sound good and without examining how you really act." I take offense. Do you know me? Is that a value judgement of a person you don't know? Your ego is such a thing to behold. You are right, and we are wrong. Who are you to make such a statement? Is that based wholly on the content of my posts? So you want to get personal? In the same breath, allow me: I would say that you have a hard heart, are secretly obssessed about what other people think about you (you want everyone to be in awe of your intelligence), and are probably very lonely, even if you have a spouse or family. Your usual mood is that of irritation -- with the world around you and the general incompetence and folly of people -- but this makes you a good activist, a good leader, and a credit to whatever cause you are trying to espouse -- but a lousy friend. Tou are rarely truly happy and feel alone even in a roomful of people.You can defend yourself if you like, but please don't stoop to fooling yourself.The truth is, there are probably more people around you who dislike you than actually like you. They are only being nice coz you scare the living heck out of them. But you don't really care about people, except about what they think of you and what they can do for you.Answer me this: you probably think you're the most intelligent person on this whole message board, don't you? I rest my case. (Note: your posts read like lectures.)Oh, and I have spoken bluntly not out of anger but for the sole noble intention of bringing you back down to earth from your lofty perch. Good day

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