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Character Building Set

libfemme ( 06/03/2005, 00:44:42 )

Do children raised in crime infested inner citie evidence greater character development than children raised in comfortable middle class homes? Are the majority of violent criminals in our society coming out of those comfort-infested affluent families to prey upon the rest of society?If adversity builds character then I guess you do. But just to check let's do a little mind experiement. Ask yourself: If you had children, where would you raise them? Why aren't your fellow Christians flocking to the downtrodden public schools of the inner cities? Surely there can be no place with more adversity then attempting to get an education, (or just survive the walk home)in such places. Are the Christians who homeschool their children rotten parents who are turning their kids into characterless cretins by coddling them? And look at the world. The patterns of immigration are going from the despotic countries toward the soft, adversity-free West! Did the Eastern Europeans make a mistake in overturning all that character building virtue they enjoyed under the heel of the commisars? What ingrates!What do you mean by character? What are the defining attributes of a good character or is it just an empty word to you? If you can define it, then look for evidence of it around you. Where do you see the most good character coming from in society and in the world? And where do you see the worse? Is it tyranny that has has the most philantrophists sending food aid to the the populations of the comfortable democracies? Does abuse reap anything but more generations of abusers?There's an old cliche about how to grow a bully. You take a normal child and give him a father who abuses him. Bully's are victims trying to overcompensate for their victimhood. They bully so they can stave off the fear of being bullied again.Pain and suffering are not good things. If you live in a world where you cannot avoid them, then I can see why you would be tempted to call them as beneficial to your character. The only thing you have left. I grant you that sometimes good people can come out of bad enviroments but they do so in far fewer number than those who started in comfortable homes. That may be unfair but it is true. Those who have been abused are not always the most moral members of society. That even usually the most moral. Abuse cripples. It bruises the body. It breaks the spirit.Because few people make it, it may seem that all the people who have overcome great adversity are the strong characters. But that is no more than saying only the strong can survive. If the wounded died along the way then of course all you would have left in a population are the strongest ones. It's like saying surviving a heart attack makes you healther. It doesn't. Only the strong are able to survive a heart attack and that is not saying the same thing at all. Character, where it exists, does so despite adversity not because of it.What's more I don't think you believe it in practice either. They are simply words you are repeating because they sound good without examining how you really act. What decisions you make about your own life.I have spoken bluntly not out of anger but out of vehements for the principles at stake. To quote John, peace friend.

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