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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

A Superstitious View

libfemme ( 06/02/2005, 00:50:01 )

I can only assume that AArooon1 is sincere. That he/she actually believes that souless humans can be actually come to life. Which begs the question what is the soul then if it has nothing to do with giving life? But beyond that, what really strikes me is that believing in the existence of a God who would cause monsters to exist, AAroon1 then goes on to actually worship such person. Why?I mean if God is all powerful, as most Christians I know usually define Him, then He can alleviate this monster-making problem with a wave of his hand, metaphorically speaking. So why doesn't he?Aren't people judged by the actions they take? Then why not judge a supernatural being the same way? If a person who intentionally creates a monster is evil, then why would you let a God get away with the identical act and not call foul? It can't be out of fear of angering a supernatural being, because we have no qualms about calling Satan evil. We freely judge his actions by a moral standard, why not God's?If God is in fact the creator of the world and all that is in it, then God is responsible for everything that happens. God has the ability to right any wrong he so desires. And if he does not desire to right a wrong, what can you call that but evil itself?The Bible claims that man is made in the image of God. Man is judged by his actions, so should God be. Either He is responsible for this situation in which case He does not deserve adoration any more than Satan would, or He is not all powerful in which case He is not God.I would not tread on the private beliefs of AArooon1 or anyone else so long as they remained private, but since he/she has dained to make public statements about us I feel the field is open in return.

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