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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: But is his heart faithful?

david ( 05/30/2005, 03:03:46 )

I know it sounds like psycho-babble but maybe all his sleeping around (and maybe even all his other marriages) is just to ease the pain of not being with the one he wants.I have a friend who gave his wife std and they separated. He says he still loves his wife very much. Now all he does is sleep around and drink every night. He's not a fiend and is actually pretty funny sometimes. But I guess just the sheer pain of losing something that meant so much can be so unbearable at times that any pleasure, however perverse, would be preferable to keeping things real. Meanwhile, his ex-wife has moved on and remarried but seems miserable. And the irony is that their kid has become an alcoholic womanizer like his dad.Sometimes I wonder what would have happened if the ex was just a little more forgiving and a little more Christian and taken him back.I'm not excusing your father's behavior, just trying to understand it.

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