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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Probably won't work on humans

david ( 05/26/2005, 03:12:31 )

This is interesting, but I have my doubts if it could work on humans.Unlike voles whose promiscuity is guided solely by their genetic make-up, people are promiscuous not only because they are genetically so (and some people really are), but also because they fall in love with someone else. And some people even claim to fall in love repeatedly, although no one knows if that's the truth or bull. The point is, in humans, unfaithfulness stems not only from genetics but from emotions. Let's look at the flip side of this coin. Assuming the technique works on humans, let's say you marry someone, get injected, stay faithful, but eventaully realize (both of you do) that you are not really in love. The problem then is, you have both been conditioned to stay faithful and together despite the fact that you will be missing out on true love. You would be absolutely miserable, I think.

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