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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

The Rights of the Nonexistent Are Nonexistent

libfemme ( 06/03/2005, 02:05:48 )

Fair to those unconceived? If they are unconceived they don't exist. Unless of course of course you believe the future is not optional. Everything that is going to happen is already planned out. But in that case whatever does happens, by definition, must have been meant to be, otherwise it just wouldn't have happened, right?But I still haven't figured out who the subject is in that sentence. The word "meant" (as in never meant to live) implies a conscious being. Inanimate objects don't have intentions. Therefore there must be a subject somewhere in there. A doer doing the doing. But as it is not apparent from the construction I have to ask: According to whom is it never meant to live? To you perhaps?If so I don't see what your intentions have to do with other people's parenting habits. If a couple wants to have children why is it open to a voice vote? Did your parent seek social approval before conceiving you? Well, if you live in communist China I suppose they did. But in the moral societies of the world people don't get to decide on who gets to have children and who doesn't. In the immoral ones the subject comes up all the time. It usually end ups resulting in something like: "My kids get to live and your kids get to die." Hence the gasing of the Kurds. The genocide in Rwanda. It always the other guy's family, the other group, the other tribe that gets wiped out. Leaves all that nice virgin land for your descendents to settle on now. Can't let resources go to waste!You could call it the biological imparative. In the law of the jungle, a newly victorious male gorilla kills off all the offsprings in the troop because they aren't his. He then mates with all the females and only his own seed gets to survive. Succeeding generations of the troop are then all descended from one male.Did you know that 1 in 12 men in Asia may be descended from Genghis Khan? Now there was a guy who understood the biological imparative! Boiled down the position you have taken is really quite darwinian, founded on the most basic of animal instincts. Good for you. Proprogate the genes of your own kind and inhibit by any means necessary the spread of genes that aren't. Stake out your territory. Monopolizes resources. Put all the fertile females in a harem. Or,if you live in a more sophisticated society use the power of government to legally forbid some one group of people from reproducing. It's not as effective as all out war, but sometimes you take what you can get.Of course, you will legally be allowed to reproduce without any interference since you've defined the qualifications based on something you can do and something the others can't. Convenient isn't it? You can almost pretend you aren't acting on the most animal level of your nature. After all why should other people have children anyway? It just messes up the world for me and my kind!Ah but those who live by the sword die by the sword. These things have a way of coming back to haunt you.

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