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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: What is the real point to having full human clones?

1000yrsfromnow ( 05/11/2005, 17:50:19 )

to some it is probably a novelty to others it's the point of saying i have one, yet to a child born without legs it means "yeah! i can run and play with my friends now"! or, see!! "i can play catch now with my new arm", see with my new eyes, or live a normal long happy life with the new heart or liver produced from my own body chemistry so there's no organ rejection. then there is the person like me who believes that sometime in the future, a persons brain could be transplanted to a cloned body of myself and wala, live another 60-70 years, or longer, why not?? ever heard of cryogenics? just like cloning was once a sci-fi theory, now it's reality. read up on cryogenics. that's what i am after, it would be neat to be revived a thousand years from now or less time!! that's my choice, it may not be someone elses but that's cool to. peace j.c.

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