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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

The purpose of having a baby

libfemme ( 05/27/2005, 00:23:46 )

The people wanting reproductive cloning are the same people who would use other types of assisted reproductive therapies, that is unfertile couples.Why would anyone spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to undergo invitro fertilization? Because they cannot get pregnant any other way. If infertile couples could conceive naturally they would. Of course. It's cheaper, less painful and less stressful. The choice isn't between natural conception and assisted reproduction. It is between a baby or lifelong childlessness.It is estimated that as many as 20% of all couples are unable to have a child. That's a lot of people. The desire to have a baby is a very strong instinct. People will sacrifice all other expenitures to give their children the best education, the best medical care, etc. Infertile couples are no different in their desires from fertile couples.Current assisted reproductive methods work for people who have at least some eggs or sperm. For infertile couples who have had cancer or otherwise cannot produce eggs even fertility drugs are of no use to them. Therefore, these people are interested in cloning as one method that can provide them with a baby genetically related to at least one member of the family.Why would anyone want to clone themselves? Why do billions of men and women reproduce half their genes by having children naturally? There's a instinctual desire to reproduce and pass down one's genes. We all make genetic copies of ourselves. That's what children are. Fertile couples just pass down only 1/2 of their genes to any one child, but the desire to love and nuture a child with a copy of your genes is universal.

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