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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

The question of a soul

libfemme ( 05/28/2005, 12:55:49 )

If you can't define something why are you concerned about it? A soul is a religious term. It refers to some intangible element given to man by God. As such a soul is something that cannot be made by man so there is no sense in our worrying about it. Furthermore if God can place a soul inside each embryo conceived deep inside a woman's body then he certainly has the power to place a soul in an embryo started in a petri dish. Consider this, God has never told man he may not clone. In fact if you read judeo-christian dogma there seems to be evidence that what really ticks him off is the opposite, sexual reproduction. Original Sin, according to catholic and major protestant churches, refers to Adam's disobedience to God by discovering and participating in sex. Adam's punishment for this act was disease and mortality, not only for himself but passed down to all of mankind.According to christian dogma the reason we die is because we have sex. What catholic and protestants churches have a long history of doing so, is to turn that postulate around and apply it backwards. If you are deformed or ill, so the dogma goes, then you must have displeased God in some manner.This is why the elephant man was stoned by frightened villagers, why Lord Bryon with his clubbed foot went abroad, why Lord Talleyrand was disinherited by his family. On the other hand, cloning techniques which can be applied to stem cell therapy as well as reproduction, holds the promise of curing genetic disease, of increasing longevity. We clone we get to live forever. We have sex and we die. What does that say about judeo-christian religion? Christianity is based on the premise that belief in Christ absolves man of original sin. It is the path to everlasting, although intangible, immortality. But it is immortality of the soul and not the body.But what if one could have immortality of the body? Not even the churches can promise this. This makes cloning a potential competitor to organized judeo-christian religion for the allegiance of the public. They are scared, not of soulless clones but of you no longer believing in your soul.

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