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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

good question

david ( 05/28/2005, 05:02:55 )

i think your question (what do we consider human?) is the most basic issue we have to resolve if we are to decide if we are in favor or not of reproductive cloning, or cloning of full you may know, reproductive cloning is illegal in britain and other parts of the world while therapeutic cloning (cloning for the sake of treating degenrative diseases like parkinson's and alzheimer's) is, should we consider clones human?it's hard to answer because there is no precedence. i mean, how do we know if a full body clone thinks or feels like us? there's none around to study. theories indicate they will be very much like us, at least they will be "built" like us,with the same parts and all. but all humans have a soul, so will the clones have them as well? how, if possible, do you make a human soul? we can't even seem to agree on the definition, much less on a soul's composition.

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