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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Chilling thought

libfemme ( 05/27/2005, 00:51:10 )

Go ask that question of the millions of clones that already exist. An identical twin shared the same genome with a sibling. They are a natural clone.Identical twins do not suffer any identity crisis because there is another person who has the same genes they have. I have half the genes of my mother and half the genes of my father. In fact none of my genes are strictly mine! Everyone of them is a copy from some other ancestor. I have never had any problem distinguishing myself as a separate person. My brother has the same parents I have. He has some of the same genes I have. I do not feel like a copy of my brother no matter how much his eye color resembles mine. My eyes are mine and mine alone. His are of no importance to me.Even conjoined twins, twins that are physically connected have to be surgerically separated, have separate personalities and identities. Your genes are not your mind or your memory.

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