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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Pillars of Society

1000yrsfromnow ( 05/29/2005, 15:09:42 )

i still like your mind, your logic and understanding of human life. i also agree with everything in your writing. like according to the bible on adam and eve, when it is alleged that God took away eves ability to have a painless birth as punishment for learning the truth of her self and knowledge of her existence, because according to the story logic says that adam and eve had no clue they were unclothed, were they mind controlled or what? that is just one the illogical stories of that book, i think if more people would begin to look at the ideals of religion/creation/ etc in a different context, as say these beliefs were created as away to keep humans from becoming extinct by making the same mistakes we apparently have and are making again, like my belief and theory that possibly we have been to this point in technology once before, and that maybe the female species of human was separated through stem cell manipulation application from what may have been an asexual inferior or superior human species, may be that is where someone got the idea to have it programmed into the human psychy, that woman was made from mans rib, as a decoy for the truth. this is as logical as any theory out here now. j.c.

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