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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Chilling thought

libfemme ( 05/27/2005, 00:31:26 )

Reproducing an entire human person in order to harvest an organ is both expensive and time consuming. It takes a cloned offspring as long to reach maturity as it does any other. Who wants to wait 20 years for a replacement adult heart?It is more likely that a faster and cheaper method of cloning will be used for replacement parts. Individual organs can be fashioned from tissue grown on a scaffolding implanted under an animals skin such as a pig. In other words a human heart, made from human heart cells can be grown in a host animal. Or, if one has the time, the patient himself could be the host for the new developing organ.If the malfunction is diagnosed soon enough, an entire organ may not be necessary and stem cells can be injected in the location of the disease and take over and repair the existing organ.But killing people for their organs is immoral and illegal.This issue was debated when organ transplants first became feasible decades ago. There are no roving bands of body snatchers killing people for their organs today. There will not be any tomorrow when reproductive cloning becomes possible either.

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