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cloning can ease loneliness, pain

david ( 05/26/2005, 02:27:35 )

I think we have to differentiate between cloning a full person and cloning "parts" of a question, because the latter is close to happening.For example, there was a study that came out last week saying that human stem cells were used successfully to help paralyzed rats (rats with damaged spinal cords) to walk again. At the very least, this brings us closer to the day when cloning can help humans walk again. Once that technology is developed, its potential is limitless. We may one day be able to clone hearts, legs, lungs and what-not. And that brings us to the original question of this thread? If the above were possible, what indeed would be the point of having full human clones.Personally, the reason may be as simple to duplicate the basic groupings of modern society. If cloning can give the paralyzed new legs and the blind new eyes, then it can also give lonely people a spouse, childess people a son or daughter, friendless people a whole gang. Maybe the point of full human clones is as simple as easing someone's loneliness and easing his pain.Granted, it hardly seems natural and may be construed as a bit pathetic, but, hey, different strokes for different folks.The new question then would be, how human will clones be? Will they be able to love, have fun, feel real emotion? Will they have a soul?

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