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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: The real point to human clones... is one of the same points as for normal reproduction.

nerdcity ( 05/21/2005, 16:27:50 )

actually i was referring to the use of human clones... should they simply be used for health puposes? if someone has a bad lung, should we just clone a person and take the clone's lung? will the value of a human life be taken for granted? oh my husband died, oh well, i'll just clone him and he'll be back... does the life of a clone have the same value as the life of a human? why or why not? what would be the clone's purpose? its those questions i needed answered. im sorry for not being clear. going to what you were talking about, if a child is born with a defect, should the parents clone the child to have one without? if so, what would the parents do with the original child? isnt it simply stating that society really seeks perfection? need replies ASAP

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