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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: The real point to human clones... is one of the same points as for normal reproduction.

hurrayforscience ( 05/11/2005, 22:28:15 )

Nerdcity said: whats the use of a full other person who looks exactly like someone else?Then 1000yrsfromnow said: it means... (snip!) there's no organ rejection. then there is the person like me who believes that sometime in the future, a persons brain could be transplanted to a cloned body of myself and wala, live another 60-70 years, or longer, why not?? (snip!) that's what i am after, it would be neat to be revived a thousand years from now or less time!!Yay for transhumanism! ...*but* it seems like Nerdcity is asking about the "having kids" end of cloning, not so much the "medical" end of cloning...I guess my answer would be that "normal reproduction" is all about having kids that look like both parents. The whole point of "cuckoldry" being bad is that when a man *thinks* a child is very similar to him and raises the child with that assumption, and it turns out the child is actually related to some other guy (because the woman cheated on him to get pregnant), he gets angry or sad or feels bad somehow.Whatever it is that makes you want children "like you" presumably is even more fulfilled by having clones.Plus, for some people who can't have kids "normally", cloning (if made safer, cheaper, and more effective) could represent a second best option.*Plus* the science that permits "cloning proper" could produce other biological tricks like growing eggs or sperm from cheek cells... so that any two people who loved each other could have a baby no matter what complications got in the way. So you could have "normal reproduction" where it wasn't medically possible before.-ZPS Anyone who is interested in a mailing list organized to lobby the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine on behalf of procreative liberty, should click on "mail author" over to the left and ask me about it.

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