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Re: Dr. Hwang claims human clones will not be born this century...

pithy ( 06/08/2005, 05:20:33 )

Hwang, like all sientists is cowardly bending to political pressure. I seriously doubt that the believes what he says, but am sure that money, pressure, and risk of death in Korea makes him say what he does: "Tue Jun 7, 7:49 AM ET SEOUL (Reuters) - There will be no human clones this century because the work is dangerous, complicated and unethical, the South Korea scientist at the forefront of stem cell research and cloning technology said on Tuesday. ADVERTISEMENT "I don't think we will have any chance to meet a cloned human being within the next 100 years, at least," said Woo-Suk Hwang, the head of a team of South Korean scientists who cloned the first human embryo to use for research.Speaking at a panel discussion, Hwang denounced human cloning as foolish and unsafe science."Cloning a human being is nonsense. Briefly, it is not ethical, it is not safe at all, and it's technically impossible," Hwang said.Hwang made news around the world last month for a breakthrough that fulfils one of the basic promises of using cloning technology in stem cell research -- that a piece of skin could be taken from a patient and used to grow stem cells.Researchers believe the stem cells could be trained to provide tailored tissue and organ transplants to cure juvenile diabetes, Parkinson's disease and even to repair severed spinal cords."

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