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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

How many eggs does it take to make an omelett?

libfemme ( 06/14/2005, 00:23:19 )

One the criticisms lobbed against embryonic stem cell research and reproductive cloning has been that they uses up "too many" eggs in the attempt to produce just one viable embryo.But how many is "too many"? In a recent article in the journal "Science", Korean researchers said that in the process of creating 11 human stem cell lines they used 185 eggs. If you divide 185 by 11 you get something like 16.81 eggs per viable embryo. If a woman ovulates one egg per month it would take her a year and a half to use up 17 eggs.That's pretty close to the description of normal fertility. In other words, it is normal for a couple to take up to a year trying to get pregnant. Out of 12 eggs, on average, 11 will naturally be duds.The Korean's are proving that cloning does not "kill" any more eggs than a normal woman "kills" in the course of her daily life.

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