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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Humans are only another animal

libfemme ( 06/14/2005, 00:40:22 )

In a nutshell, yes.Consider this: who are the people you feel closest to in your family? The ones who were around when you were born and growing up or the ones you were introduced to for the first time at a family reunion after you became an adult?I'll give you another example. A man with a child remarries. Will the child be closer to his new step mother if the marriage takes place when he is 2 years old or when he is 16? At what age does problems between stepparents and stepchildren develop?When we are children our bonding instincts are in the "on" position and we bond more readily with the people we see most often. As we get older that bonding instinct fades and it takes longer to get that close to us.Most people fall in love in their late teens to early 20's. Not every case, but that's the typical age. A widow in her 20's is more likely to remarry than a widow in her 40's. You fall in love in your teens to 20's because your "it's time to fall in love" instinct switches on. It is no accident that that time corresponds with your greatest fertility.After fertility wanes, you are less likely to fall in love again. It happens, of course. But on average, dating is associated more with young people than old. Why?Timing is everything. You meet the right person at the right time and you fall in love. You meet them at the wrong time and you make friends only.

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