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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: is cloning playing god? INTERESTING

hsnftab ( 07/25/2005, 07:41:29 )

I begin in the name of my LORD the one true GOD THE MOST BENEFICIENT, THE MOST MERCIFUL....cloning a human would not be playing GOD as it is not possible to actually make a clone human being born into this world.... It is possible and acceptable to clone a human embryo and use it for stem cell research as the cloned ambryo would continue to grow in the womb till the 4th month of pregnancy is over ...after that it would automatically abort....and ny LORD the one true GOD knows BESTA acientific explanation of this phenomena is not possible as the explanation is above and beyond science as the existence of a human soul would not be acceptable to science.....As the soul for a particular embryo is already assigned therefore as the cloned embryo is the same person therefore the same soul cannot be assigned to 2 embryos as they are on a whole the same person......

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