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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Judge God not by this world but by the next

ursus ( 06/23/2005, 21:12:24 )

I attempt to be a pious man. I believe that the truth in the bible is indeed truth. I do not take the bible as the ultimate truth, that truth is found within...the bible and books like it are guides to find that truth. I take issue with your view that only through suffering can we develop Character. I look at someone like Dr. Steven Hawking the physicist. We have here a man who is brilliant and can give insight through to the workings of the Physical universe to understand the wonders that God created. He locked him in a body that barely functions and it's only through technology that his mind and voice were able to be heard. I am an Artist who has heard Gods voice, I've been blessed with a rare talent-I'd rather not discuss it. I see myself as his Janitor I answer his call when he speaks. I have suffered for my skill but I do not believe it was god who made me suffer, just the ignorance and narrow minded of people who think that their outlook on the world is the only one that should be used. I think that suffering is God's test to see how much our humility has progressed. What would you do to end the suffering of others? Jesus said treat all like your own family, IF a loved one were suffering from a curable disease would you allow it to continue cause God wanted them to suffer? The Good Samaritan didn't think so and who was it that told that story? If it weren't for modern science I would have died about 6 times now. It was the church's view of the "Desecration " of the human body that forbade dissection that was defied by so many that led to the modern medicine that has saved my life 6 times now. They had that view when the believed that the earth was the center of the universe and that the Sun and planets revolved around it...we proved that wrong too. a human egg has the "potential" to be a human being. it must go through much to become one. just like a lump of dough isn't a loaf of has the potential to be one, or a pizza, or a edible sculpture, or rolls or anything else you can make from dough.

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