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Judge God not by this world but by the next

david ( 06/02/2005, 08:08:21 )

As always, libfemme has compelling arguements which I understand and respect. However, my two cents' worth:The premise is that if God is powerful, why does he create monsters who inflict so much misery on the rest of us. By the same token, if He were all powerful, why does He let so many people endure so much pain and why is the world unfair?There is perfect logic to that ... if you measure God's being all-powerful solely by what occurs in this world. Indeed, if life ended here, what kind of God would we have if He would let so many bad things happen. He lets these things happen for a reason.As a Christian, I believe that God's true power cannot be measured solely by what transpires in this world, rather than by what happens to us after death.What we should remember is that God did not put us on this world to be comfortable or happy (that's heaven). He put us here to develop our character -- to prepare us for life in heaven. And we develop our character by going through trials, by learning that our actions have consequences, by experiencing pain and injustice, by learning to be humble and to accept that we do not know everything because we are not God.In short, we are not here comfort, but for character development.He wants us to shape our character because He has a specific role for each of us in heaven, but we have to grow into that role. God gives us free will and shows us the way. But a lot of us do not heed His call (you can hear it if you truly listen to your heart) and try to shape the world according to our own misguided notions. Hence we have monsters like Hitler and Saddam. These monsters are the price of free will. The alternative would have to be a mankind who all beat to the same drum and followed the same rules -- a mankind which is not free -- and that wouldn't be ideal either.They may live like kings here, but rest assured that these monsters will get what they deserve.You are right when you say that God has the power to right every wrong. And He will.

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