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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: is cloning playing god? all should read, take heed!

1000yrsfromnow ( 07/24/2005, 15:18:41 )

maybe that's how the theory of god and creation began? as a cover up of the truth regarding our origins, which could be any number of theories, including the popular: creationist possibility, the evolutionist theory, the avoided probability of colonization from another star system or universe, and the new theory i am curious about! that we humans may be the product of stem cell application/manipulation from original ASEXUAL beings. see, i believe it's possible that we have been to this point in bio-technology somewhere in our distant past. makes as much logic as any other theory we have been programmed to believe, as there is no absolution to any of them. this is the pro-humancloning/stem cell research/application message board, we must stop defending our stance on our human right, especially in the shadow of the popular theories. my theory needs some serious attention, pro debate and as much respect as any other theory. what if? the theory of creation was created as a cover up to either a experiment by a highly intelligent extraterrestrial being or advanced human intelligence experimentation eons ago? maybe we are the result of interstellular colonization, we are on the verge of conquering space travel, again? maybe it just took this long for our genetic intelligence to recycle itself? come on!!why stay stuck in limbo on the other two warn out theories? they're about as deep as one can go without absolution anyway. peace to all j.c. there's some argument in favor of,

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