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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Discipline vs punishment

libfemme ( 06/09/2005, 10:00:40 )

There is a distinction between discipline and abuse. In the world both exists. I grant you the first can build maturity. But what is the justification of the second?To use your example of "adveristy", what is the justification for giving a free clinic worker HIV? That is practically a death sentence. It certainly makes the worker a danger to the rest of society's health.Why is working for a free clinic a capital offense in the first place? But even if it were, why use a method that risks us all to punish it?Of course, this is consistent with a very old time religious doctrine, that disease is man's punishment for Adam's sin. However, in a just society, in the modern world, it is immoral to punish the innocent, such as the relatives, for the crimes of another person.Your god is immoral or not all powerful. Or you define moral as "anything God does", which in practices becomes "anything that happens", which is the same as denying morality all together.

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