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Italians Suffer Substandard Infertility Treatments

moderator ( 06/27/2005, 01:01:42 )

Italians Suffer Substandard Infertility TreatmentsEarlier this month, Italians failed to repeal their draconian infertility law that prohibits egg donation, sperm donation, screening of embryos and thereby forces couples to flee to other countries in order to have a baby.Last June 12, Italian citizens failed to repeal their draconian infertility law, not because they didn¡¯t want to, but because the threshold of 50% of the population needing to vote was not reached. Italy¡¯s current infertility law often forces couples to flee to other countries in order to get pregnant and have a baby.The Italian infertility law does not permit egg donation, sperm donation, or screening of embryos. The law means that sterile and infertile couples often can¡¯t have children.In the highly catholic society of Italy, home of the Vatican, the current law defines every sperm and egg combination as sacred human life despite the fact that there is no brain for three weeks and it takes eight weeks for the human heart to form. The Human Cloning Foundation (, however, believes in the prophet who has said that the all-knowing God places the soul in human embryos when the time is right according to God, and not according to simplistic rules made up by mankind.Human cloning technology promises to cure infertility be several methods, including cloning a parent, cloning sperm cells, or by cloning egg cells.Ironically, Italy has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, and it cannot sustain its population growth. In 2003, the Italian government even started paying women to have a second child and the Vatican has been encouraging couples to have more children, as long as the pregnancies are not assisted by technology.Before the latest vote, many people in Italy could be heard to say, ¡°The church is wrong.¡±Actress Monica Bellucci, movie star of such films as the Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions, Tears of the Sun, and The Passion of the Christ (, once famously proclaimed, ¡°What do politicians and priests know about my ovaries.¡±¡°It's time to start helping people,¡± says Mark O¡¯Neil, spokesperson for the Human Cloning Foundation, speaking from his home in Asia. ¡°Think of all the loving couples who can¡¯t have children because of politics.¡±Contact:

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