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The Future of Cloning

mountaindew ( 07/05/2005, 15:49:38 )

I am a college student in Washington State; I have dreamed of the possibilities of cloning for some time and have dealt with the moral issues that come with the development. I believe that cloning is going to propel our society to new levels, both in scientific developments and human progressions. I have heard the concept of cloning a human with the possibility of copying all of the person’s memories and experiences to produce a supposed exact replica. I have an issue with this thought, In that even if there were no complications and the procedure went flawlessly I can not be 100% sure that that individual which was cloned would still be me, or would I still be dead and there is another me walking around? Because of this dilemma I have come to the conclusion that in order to ensure the cloned person to continue living, a host body would be created with the absence of a brain. A procedure would need to be developed to transplant the brain from one body to the next. The brain is what I believe contains all the aspects that make a person, and merely copying it’s contents into a new receptacle is not enough to convince me to purchase the operation, and in the end there is going to be a company that is going to make this their business and would need to have a sellable product. With my idea of a brain transplant to extend a persons life, it would only do just that, extend. Because there are many diseases that affect the brain, a person’s life would be limited to the time their brain continues to operate. There are many people, especially those who are religious, who object to cloning on moral grounds. With this idea I believe many of these individuals’ moral objections would be satisfied. There could be a strong argument that a persons “soul” is located in the brain and all that would happen is it moves into a younger version of you, because the cloned body never contained a brain there would be no issues with the soul in that body. The benefits of having people that live well past 100 or 200 years are plentiful. The amount of skilled labor that our society would have would sky rocket. Scientific research would explode and human kind would enter a golden age as never experienced before. There would be some complications, with so many people living longer lives the world population would grow to new highs, we would need to develop new ways of feeding people and eventually we would need to expand beyond or planet. These are all very exciting possibilities and I believe that we can reap the benefits I talked about here within our lifetimes, if we start on a course of action soon! So to all those who have dreams of living longer, much longer, its time to start talking and spreading our ideas amongst our fellow humans and one day soon we will be on the verge of achieving our dreams.Nic

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