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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: that's interesting

madmerv ( 07/21/2005, 13:40:07 )

i think our goal as a species which is written on our emotional and genetic programs is to become immortal and escape death by aging, disease, etc - it is what will allow us to extend our knowledge, influence and control over the entire universe. it is necessary for us to cheat death or escape mortality for basic instinctual reasons. we must find a way, and i think the most obvious way is by growing human bodies without brains and then using brain transplants. perhaps the democratization of this technology, and the eventual improvement of the mechanization/automation of that technology will be our greatest acheivement as mortal humans. it will let the old catalog and record for the young forever - allow us not to play god, but play as gods would play; it is our gateway back to the 'garden myth' and perhaps the true aim of the combination of all religions, sciences and mythologies- it is a common factor in all of our lives and one which each of us seek to escape- we all feel that the world is full of people who might be hurt; immortality is the solution to the emotional pain associated with death and destruction. it may be the cure for war and pain.. though it would be still possible for an immortal human to attack and destroy other immortal humans because of the basic mortality; but the idea of ubermensch, of superhuman, of super"man" is not hidden- it is the holy grail of medicine and may be the way we not only avoid death for ourselves, but save the lives of our children and create a truly positive species. it is in the teachings of many different mythos and if you study our emotions on a day-to-day basis, you will come to recognize that all of our negative emotions are associated with death- the problems of capital, of the monetary system, would also need to cease. we could figure out a way to exist in a truly communistic society, and perhaps the only humane thing to do would be to create life extension and prosperity, longevity of the human race, and ultimately, solve the problems of disease, poverty, and death. it is a solution to our problems of inequality, celebrity, and is written in our fiction and art throughout time- in fact, it may be the reason we do practice art in the first place - to send a lasting image to future generations that earliest humanity desired one day to seek the knowledge of creation; cloning need not be manipulative, but may be a way to explore everlasting life; even the egyptians in their primitive way sought eternity for their pharoah; but since in monotheism we are all the sons and daughters of the 'most holy' - the 'most holy' may be viewed as simply the first immortal image given to us by the divine. we must seek this divinity, if not in the ways taught by the ignorant religions, then in the way of the pure scientist; we must be very careful in our choices because our choices may lead to corruption; we must seek the most holy and most righteous to lead us! and we, ourselves, must not be lead by the corrupt or the selfish, who wish to keep such technologies only for themselves; it is the democratization of power that we, the people of planet earth, must seek -- and the power here in question is everlasting existence, so that we may come to know all times and all places, and speak in a revelation to our ancestors, the mortal humans, who have only wanted us to be safe and happy for as long as "humanly" possible. was it not your grandmother who coddled you and helped you? mine did. was it not your grandparents who wished for you to be immortal? seek the immortality project and you will discover that, in the past, we determined that CANCER is eating away at us-- and that cancer is the stresses and problems associated with the mortal world. we wish to slough off our mortal coils and become gods and goddesses in a world made like heaven, and the heavens made like the earth. in this case, we are talking about a massive galactic civlization full of long-life and long prosperities. please do not allow ignorance to stand in the face of righteousness! do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law; love is the law; love under will. (some stolen words from Aleister Crowley) -- but a good message.. there are no words to describe the revelation that I have felt.. please go seek your own revelations, and make your quest a part of each day as we, the human beings of planet earth, attempt to do what has many times been told us impossible by the bureaucrats, who they themselves are corrupt and exist only within the system of monetary gain. we must be as we feel is right. love thy neighbor, and bless thyself a cog in the great machine that must produce the first gods of this world.

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