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Illegal Beings: Human Clones


madmerv ( 07/21/2005, 13:51:20 )

I looked into the vessel of my own mind and it is the universe, a mirror and determined that life itself; what I want, is this: to be your god. annot. I am not a god or anything like god. But, I can explain quite readily that if I were to be made your god's image- one who never dies, one who is loving and giving, and wants only his children to be safe, then I would then make you into a god too, so that you may make others like yourself and like me, so that we may all live forever in everlasting life. to not love god is to worship it, instead you must love god so much that you wish to be like god (or allah) - and then make yourself into his image. it is the not-not -- the anti-anti-- come to know your own shortcomings, and attempt to escape the obvious through science. i can only hope we can all be immortal and fed properly one day. the abundance of the universe is becoming known through science! let not the selfish or tyrannical spoil your heaven (shangrila, the most holy and divine place; the garden in which to play)take care! and love love! love life! love they neighbor! love thyself!

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