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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: is cloning playing god?

1000yrsfromnow ( 07/23/2005, 12:10:02 )

that is exactly my point and desire, to seek immortality through bio technology/stem cell application/manipulation and probably cloning. i believe it should be the right of anyone seeking this. i like your mind friend, i am currently researching the possibilities of cryogenics as to our wish for long life or the resusitation in the future. i would love nothing more than to be living/breathing a thousand years from now, or at the least have my brain rebooted within a android or brain transplanted in a cloned likeness of myself, or even a robot type of being. i have mentioned this before here, but too many people just can't grasp that desire. just like my theory on the possibility that we may have been asexual beings at one time but through some experiment, the female/male genetics codes were separated and reproduced, hence the adam and eve theory blown apart as in the biblical sense. want to hear more of this theory? and more possibilities? peace to you, j.c.

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