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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Free us from the tyranny of the nuclear family

naldor ( 08/04/2005, 08:26:26 )

Reproductive cloning, if fully embraced, could completely transform human civilization. We could use cloning for all reproduction, sterilize all humans so sexual reproduction can't occur, eliminate the nuclear family, eliminate marriage, and eliminate the twenty plus years of servitude to the needs of one's offspring. Instead we'd replenish the species via cloning, all new individuals would be attractive, smart, and phsycially fit, and the caretaking of our young would be performed exclusively by people who want the job, who actually enjoy, excel at, and find fulfillment in caring for the young. Marriage would serve no purpose without reproduction strapped to it and therefore would fall by the wayside. Men and women would be completely equal in the marketplace as neither gender would be saddled with pregnancy and then staying home even briefly with the newborn. Sexual intercourse would be strictly recreational. Instead of focusing our attention on the nuclear family we'd focus it on our friends and on the projects of civilization. We'd have no extended family either, no parents of course, no siblings, no aunts or uncles or cousins, no grandparents. We would simply have the friends we personally selected for ourselves and the projects of civilization that attracted us. Who among us would like to live in the world described above?

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