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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: is cloning playing god?

madmerv ( 07/21/2005, 21:38:53 )

It's not God's work, but the work of science - while art attempts to copy the universe, science attempts to categorize, examine and understand the fundamental universal laws under which we live with no assumption that those laws were set by an intelligent entity, but that instead, the universe itself is the teacher and we its students! Learn from it! The very code that allows us to be is the code which we can come to understand and then manipulate/program to our liking- and for me, Immortality is the goal of what I would like to see! Those who wish to use cloning to make weapons and super-soldiers are, well, selfish and interested primarily in their own greedy reasons for pursuing the same knowledge that science can provide us, after it has 'extracted' it from the universe, where the knowledge resides.Knowledge resides in the universe - when writing your paper, I hope you keep in mind that any reference to God is a religious one, and any reference to the Universe is a scientific one! Good luck in telling the story!

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