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book on human origins, with a different slant

1000yrsfromnow ( 08/07/2005, 15:13:08 )

yea! my book is finished being written, it is not a excruciatingly long drawn out book, approx. 50 pages, plus 9 or 10 pages of a short ficticious story. to help explain the logic of one theory. this book actually is also a sort of debate on the several theories of human origins: creation, evolution, colonization and another implicating stem cell application and or cloning/ bio-chemistry, genetics. i started writing this book almost 10 years ago, i'm looking at 6 more months or so before it gets published. if anyone is genuinely interested in this writing and as soon as copyrights protections are in place, i will send a intro-tease of the transcripts to anyone who emails me at sending your email address. i even welcome any critics, i won't be dismissed nor back down from my pro stem cell/cloning stance by the religious fanatics or the political extreme right and left fools trying to stop something that is our human right to explore and benefit from. if anyone here doesn't agree with the idea of stem cell application or cloning, then don't! but please do not deny my right or my children to the medical and life saving and extending benefits of bio-chemistry technology, goes have your stupid little wars of greed and power, glorify war all you want, and you call yourselves, people of god? just stay out of our way. i really don't care what your religious or political agenda is. there i said it! i leave something to think about or food for thought as it is called what if reality is, "we have been to this point of bio-technology once before"? eons ago, and the multi-possibilities of that logical theory. peace to all, j.c. and thanks krinkled paper for the moral support!

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