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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Confused and convuluted

David ( 06/08/2005, 08:04:06 )

Yes, you are obviously confused by his phrase "never meant to live." And despite that, you fire away with this lecture on parenting, Communist China, Rwanda,the Kurds and Genghis Khan. That had nothing to do with it.His full statement was "How is it fair to those yet unconceived to bring to life those never meant to live." It is not clearly stated, but I think what he meant is clear to anyone who followed the thread. He didn't mean that phrase as a matter of choice of who decides who gets born or not, who gets to live or not -- a la Communist China, Rwanda, the Kurds, etc. He was saying "never meant to live longer than their time." In other words, those who would have died but whose lives were extended longer through cloning (moving old brain to new body), which was the original point of the person in the thread he responded to.I hate to say this but you sometimes make the threads so convuluted with your inane references that no one knows how to respond. And you have this condescending manner. I hope you're not like that in person. It would be a waste of a good mind.

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