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Illegal Beings: Human Clones

Re: Korean cloning expert cautions on Bush policy

1000yrsfromnow ( 08/11/2005, 15:23:56 )

you betcha! bush and all the other half baked fools who wish to ban stem cell application/ cloning need to get off at the next bus stop, we know it's only a political game, and to bad these religious fanatics and other conservative supporters(nra) can not see that the conservative party has only votes on their minds, they don't really support the values of the citizen members of the NRA or religious extremisms: anti-abortion, right to bear arms, to name a few! when it comes down to democrates and republicans it still all boils down to government, war and crime is big business, it'll never end!! just like violence in the world, like the beautiful morning glory flower, awesome life! but! the vines will choke the life out of a rose bush and other vegetation, or the fact that pine tree emit a chemical into the ground that kills most other plant life, except for a few mushrooms and animals that thrive on that poison, talk about a violent world. peace friends,

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