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Illegal Beings: Human Clones


1000yrsfromnow ( 08/20/2005, 15:41:34 )

why do most people refer to God as a he? we really have no clue as to the sex of this entity, if there is one! i have read the controversy that jesus was neither male or female, not a clue, had to be there!! what if we were both at one time? ASEXUAL? maybe through stem cell manipulation the male/female genetics were separated and individualized? then maybe it was decided that the idea of creation would be brought about to cover up the experiment? which paved the way for christianity, religion etc, now here we are eons later, our intelligence has genetically come full circle, science and technology are again at a point to where we have mastered cloning again, now we need to further space exploration to find a new planet in time to eleviate population. thanx to stem cell application, less people will be dying of cancers and other killing diseases. maybe that is how our kind got to this planet, makes as much sense as any other theory, more actually! we are cloning/ and using stem cell application for the better of mankind, right? why isn't it possible we've been here before? it is!! peace j.c.

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